Big Year for Elections, get ready with Online Campaigning Software

It is a Big Year for Elections !

A Presidential race heating up, forty-three of the country’s 100 largest cities are holding municipal elections in 2016.  Luckily it has never been so easy to launch Online Campaigning.

See what DigitaleBox Online Organizing Software can do to help you win the next elections, starting at $19,99/month :

– Community Organizing

Your online & offline communities in a unique database : supporter files, voter files, social media contacts are all reunited, qualified and ready for segmentation by age, community, center of interest, etc…).

– One Hub for Mass & Targeted Communications

All your communications are sent from your DigitaleBox (Social Media, Emailing, SMS). Easy to do Communications in 4 steps.

– Community Growth

Identify new contacts by center of interests on Social Media, Grow existing communities or create new ones from scratch, build the new communities that will enlarge your voter base. Exemple : “traffic jam hoboken”, all Twitter users using this topic will be highlighted in DigitaleBox and ready for conversation

I will be happy to tell you more about DigitaleBox, feel free to contact me for a phone call or online web demo (screen sharing, 10 minutes).

I look forward to hearing from you

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N°17. Daily Adivce : Should NGO, politics & Gov use Linkedin ??

We were a bit surprise this morning discovering the articles in the daily press that Hillary Clinton is now “looking for a job on Linkedin” …

Hillary clinton is looking for a job politic social media management digitalebox

Beyond the joke what is the strategy, Hillary and her web staff are not completely crazy … Linkedin has evolved so much that it goes much further than a simple online resume. But the articles this morning showed us the need for education on the subject.

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