N°15. Daily Advice : How many times can you share the same content on social media ?

Quel est le meilleur moment pour poster sur les réseaux sociaux, community manager digitaleboxYou have a blog, a website where you publish content that you own ? You are sharing those content on social networks? Very good.

If you share your content on social networks only once after publishing, you are missing out something.

Unless your content deals with a current news and will lose its interest quickly, you need to share your content with your community several times.

Due to the lifetime of a post, different on each social network, and the reach (an issue on facebook) many people could pass next to your content if you publish only once even if they are part of your online communities. While respecting the number of posts you can do every day, you must schedule your content distribution.

Here the frequency of posts you can set up:

– On Publish
– 1 hour after
– 3 hours after
– 6 or 9 hours after (according to original publication time)
– The next day
– One week after
– A month after
– Two months after

– On Publish
– One week after

G +:
– On Publish
– The next day
– One week after
– A month after

– On Publish (and personal account page)

Schedule your publications on social networks now use the free version DigitaleBox

You also have the option to change your posts on social networks for the same article,

– Have you read our last article?
– Our Most read article last month “article title”
– Extract of the article with facts, interesting numbers

See you tomorrow for another daily advice

The DigitaleBox Lab

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