N°17. Daily Adivce : Should NGO, politics & Gov use Linkedin ??

We were a bit surprise this morning discovering the articles in the daily press that Hillary Clinton is now “looking for a job on Linkedin” …

Hillary clinton is looking for a job politic social media management digitalebox

Beyond the joke what is the strategy, Hillary and her web staff are not completely crazy … Linkedin has evolved so much that it goes much further than a simple online resume. But the articles this morning showed us the need for education on the subject.

So why a NGO, government organization, politician or any non profit organization should be on a professional network like Linkedin ??

Linkedin has become a publishing platform, such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, you now have the possibility to “Post” your messages, images, videos, with your personal account, and your organization Page.

This is also an opportunity to find your employees, contractors and other actors of your industry, NGO, politic or gov.

Linkedin was also the first social network to host content, such as Facebook with “instant article”, Linkedin hosts your articles with “Pulse”> find the first article of Hillary> Four Ways to Jump-Start Small Business

Whether you are a NGO collecting donations, gov organization communicating to citizens, a politician to his voters, Linkedin is a community that can not be ignored, its leading members in their areas of activity, makes Linkedin an essential network.

To easily distribute your publications on Linkedin, use the publishing tool DigitaleBox

See you next week for new Social Media Management tips!

The Lab DigitaleBox

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