N°18. Daily Advice : Writting on #Instagram ?

Ecrire dans instagram community manager digitaleboxInstagram is a Social Media based on Image, one of the least known feature of instagram is the caption associated to the photo.

The caption is used for a call to action and to associate your photos with #hashtags, this is how people will find out about your content.

But Instagram caption lets you use up to 2000 characters, this little-known option can be very useful, although Instagram is centered in the photo, let’s not underestimate the power of words.

Instagram has used this opportunity on his own account, below is a picture with a caption of more than 1,000 characters that generated more than 570,000 likes.

Posting an extract or a whole text content on Instagram finally falls in a rather similar approach than posting it in “Instant article” on Facebook or in Pulse on LinkedIn.

See you tomorrow for a new Social Media Management tip!

The Lab DigitaleBox

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