N°19. Daily Advice : Don’t Depend On Facebook

reach facebook organique digitaleboxYou have seen your “reach” (the audience you reach) decrease over months? You are in no way responsible, your messages are not worse than before, Facebook has just modified the total audience that you can reach for free.

Some pages have found their organic reach go down to 15% or even 5% compared to their total number of fans.

The organic reach (the free one) has reduced dramatically, you may use the best practices, post with images to increase the visibility or the best “Call to Action” to boost engagement, your free audience will never be the same.

RIP-Facebook-Organic-Reach digitaleboxFacebook pages has become a pay per reach media, you must pay to reach your community… It’s a bit frustrating to think of all the hard work it takes to build a large & relevant community of facebook fans and now we have to pay to reach those hard to get fans…

It is the end of the Facebook-Only Social Media Management, unless you have significant budgets to ensure your messages reach their target, you need to end your Facebook addiction.

Use the other social networks that have not restricted the organic reach, you need to create or develop significant size communities on other social networks to break your Facebook addiction. For this, use tools allowing you to broadcast the same message on all social networks. The Posts that you intend to Facebook may well be broadcasted on Twitter and LinkedIn as well.

You will increase your reach to the global organic on all networks.

Use DigitaleBox publishing tool to disseminate your posts on social networks.

See you tomorrow for a new Social Media Management tip!

The Lab DigitaleBox

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