N°13. Daily Advice : #Twitter Retweet with a comment

Retweet with a comment digitalebox social media managerToday we wanted to talk about a new way to retweet, launched by twitter few weeks ago and what it changes for us, Social Media Managers. Continue reading


N°8. Daily Advice : Tweet on the Weekends

The vast majority of brands do not tweet on the weekends which is why its much easier to stand out on the weekends. Using a tool like DigitaleBox, you can schedule tweets in advance without actually having to work on the weekends. Schedule at least one tweet each Saturday and Sunday. Buffer also enables nonprofits that want to build an international following to tweet on 24-hour schedule.

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N°7. Daily Advice : #Facebook or #Youtube which one to chose for your videos ?

Facebook Youtube DigitaleBoxFacebook has now similar stats as Youtube with around 3 billion videos viewed each day. Note that due to autoplay Facebook count 1 view everytime the autoplay is launched for at least 3 seconds.

Beyond statistics we wanted to detail in this blog post how people consume video on both platform and how they are different.

A growing number of Social Media Manager have the same question, which platform should I use to post my videos?

Active ou Passive?
On Youtube finding a content is the result of an active search, this is a difference with Facebook, due mostly to the wall that let users in a more passive position, people tend to consume content published by brand or friends they already follow and wait for new content to show up.

On Facebook, videos work with Autoplay, that created a new form of engagement, a minimal engagement when people watch video without even turning the sound on, a total different way to consume video, opposed to behavior on Youtube.

Facebook and/or Youtube?
While the two giants are on the battlefield, and even if we just saw consumption can be very different on Facebook and Youtube, do you really have to chose between mum and dad?

Social Media Managers are asking themself, where will I get the best audience? How many people will I reach on Facebook or Youtube? Our advice is to cumulate audience, post your videos on all platform, Facebook, Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo. You do not have to chose, you will only need to make that choice when it comes to embeded content on your website, blog or links that you use in your newsletters.

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N°6. Daily Advice : #Facebook Activate the Follow Button

The Follow button allows anyone to follow your public updates. If fans want to follow you, they just have to visit your profile and click the Follow button. When someone sends you a friend request, they’ll automatically follow your public updates even if you haven’t accepted their request.Follow button on facebook DigitaleBox

Facebook has a limit of 5,000 friends, but you can have unlimited followers, so enabling your Follow button allows more people to connect with you.

Activate the Follow Button now

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N°5. Daily Advice : #Facebook How to modify your Fan Page URL ?

When you first create your Facebook Fan page, the following page URL will appear http://www.facebook.com/pages/title-page/page-id if you go to http://www.facebook.com/username you will have the possibility to reserve your customized URL (vanity URL), ex http://www.facebook.com/yourcompanyname

This Vanity URL will be easier to promote and share to your fans and clients.
We suggest to get the same Vanity URL on all social networks so you will be easier to find.

Go to http://www.facebook.com/username to get or modify your Vanity URL, check availability and activate your brand new URL!

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